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220V 60A/270A Boost Wheel Smart Charger & Power Supply

• Charges all 12V standard automotive, Deep-Cycle, AGM and Gel Cell batteries, 
• Program for deep discharge recovery of flood batteries
• Battery diagnostic indicate weak or defective battery
• 6508X – AC China Type I Plug (China) with Chinese Language Instructions on charger
• Dead Battery Override Control
• “Safe in Any Weather” Operation
• Made in USA of US and Global Components

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Performance Features:

■ Electrical Stability System (ESS™) technology turns ESS6008  into a stable power supply for extended service procedures or re-flashes - Nominal 13.9V DC output

■ Program diagnostics indicate weak or defective battery

■ Charges all types of 12 Volt batteries

■ 6508X for China Type I plug

■ Designed for AGM, GEL Cell, Sealed and Standard Flooded Batteries including Spiral Cell, OrbitalTM or OptimaTM Batteries

■ Dead Battery Override control


DC Output:12 Volt, 60 Amps

DC Leads:6 ½’ - 6/5 AWG

Clamp Rating:400A

Shipping Dimensions:17"16"x 30"

Weight:49 LBS

AC Cord / Voltage:6’ 16-3 / 220VAC 50/ 60 Hz

Battery Types:12 Volt Flooded,AGM and GEL CellBatteries Including:Spiral Cell, OrbitalTM or OptimaTM Batteries

Display:Analog Meter and 3 LED Display Indicating Charge Status

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